Our interior products include:

Alpha fixed down light (L2G-ATC10)

Alpha dimmable led is an elegant smart modern high quality fixed down light rated at IP44 and also IC-F thermally rated. With perfect optics for use in varied applications this ensures a soft and even light for both commercial and high end residential projects.



Alpha fixed down light (L2G-AF9012)

Alpha fixed downlight is a 12W wide beamed multi use fixture suitable for a 90mm cut-out hole.

Triac dimmable and suitable for all commercial and residential applications its soft pmma diffuser gives a powerful light source from its SMD chip.



Alpha gimbal down light (L2G-AG9010)

Alpha gimbal downlight is a 10W 60 degree beamed using multi lensed and reflector optics suitable for a 70mm to 90mm cut-out hole.

Triac dimmable and suitable for all commercial and residential applications. Designed for superior and consistent light output colour rendering and longevity.



Alpha oyster light (L2G-AO30W20 – L2G-AO40W30)

Simple yet elegant the alpha oyster light uses a high powered smd light source with a high cri ≥80   and is IP40 rated in both  20W-300mm and 30W-400mm sizes. Using a quality inteligent ic chip protected driver will also ensure a long trouble free life.



Gamma oyster light (L2G-GO30W18 – L2G-AO40W30)

Elegant and slim best describes the gamma oyster light using high powered smd light source with a high cri ≥80 and is IP54 rated in both 18W-300mm and 30W-400mm sizes.

At just 40mm in depth the ultra slim and modern gamma is ideal for residential and commercial use.



Alpha led panel (L2G-P30120W30 – L2G-P30120W40 – L2G-P6060W30 – L2G-P6060W40 – L2G-P3060W12)

Alpha led panel is a high brightness quality modern office light with a focus on delivering quality light with minimal power.

Elegant and functional modern high performance designed for t-bar ceilings in 1200×300, 600×600 and 600x300mm sizes.




Omega Down Lights (COB & SMD)

Omega is a high quality high performance specially crafted commercial down light designed to replace old outdated PL and metal halide inefficient down lights and for new projects.

Made from high performance materials for improve thermal management a blend of Manganese and Aluminium.

Strong commercial springs are standard in the 95 & 125mm cut-out Omega and a special “Screw Cam” system for the 165 & 200mm cut-out versions to maximise stability in different ceiling material and thicknesses.

Equipped with Cree chips for the COB and Samsung for the SMD variants quality and performance is the Omegas focus.





Alpha Hibay (L2G-AHB)

Alpha HI-bay has an advanced thermal heat sink design that allows it to work at optimal efficiency under all conditions.

Utilising quality Philips LEDs and Meanwell driver delivering 130 Lumens per watt.

IP65 Rated and just 280mm in diameter reduces the weight and makes the Alpha Hi-Bay so much easier to install by traditional chain mount and comes with 2-meter cable and plug as standard.

Designed for true versatility Alpha Hi-Bay allows installation by chain mount or optional ceiling low bay bracket or wall bracket mounting.

Options include: Prismatic diffuser, Aluminium cover 60° or 90°, 90° Lens cover, Microwave sensor, Daylight sensor, Dali-PWM convertor.





Alpha Slim Batten

Alpha slim batten is a quality modern styled front of house or back of house surface mount batten that has been designed for maximum light with minimum energy consumption.

Body construction is all Aluminium making it thermally efficient and rust resistant with a milky PC lens for maximum light uniformity.

The light source and driver are cleverly integrated and feature a replaceable PCB light source making this a truly versatile quality fitting.

Available in 600mm ,1200mm and 1500mm sizes.




Kappa Bunker

Die Cast Aluminium body gives excellent heat management to the high output SMD LED light source under the milky white PC diffuser this gives the KAPPA range a visually attractive and quality appearance. IP65 and IK10 rated make the KAPPA a great versatile outside or inside wall or ceiling light.

With superior energy savings of between 50-80% over conventional bunkers and up to 50,000 hours’ life the KAPPA range comes with stainless socket hex screws and optional microwave sensors for the 15,20 and 30W sizes.

Available in 275-300mm round or Square 300mm versions.



Alpha led sensor strip (L2G-SBS)

At 1500mm in length and 6W per meter the led sensor strip has many commercial and residential uses. Under cabinets and furniture to give an active light at night when the digital PIR sensor is activated by movement lighting your way.

Under your bed or home furniture acting as an inteligent night light for children or the elderly, lights on when you need it and then off when movement is not detected.